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Embarking on an international move? Let your global journey begin with a single step.

If you are moving overseas, you are starting in the right place. We have a complete suite of the relocation services you need for a successful relocation.

Properties In Barcelona offers an award-winning International Moving Services from a small move of your must-have essentials to a complete household goods move.

Our Visa and Immigration specialists offer complete visa application assistance services, work permits, local registration and more.

Our Orientation Specialists offer school search services for those traveling with families.

And everyone moving to a new country needs a place to live! We can help find you the very best in temporary housing and long-term leases from gorgeous city-view apartments to idyllic country escapes.

As an employee, or business man with a lump sum, who is relocating to a new country, your success in your new location depends in large part on your ability to settle in and get working quickly and effectively. Don’t leave this to chance! Read on to learn more about creating a customized relocation packages with only the services you need.